The Big Chandelier - Vintage, Antique Lighting in Atlanta Georgia

Our Process

The Big Chandelier stands out from other antique stores and home furnishing retailers in its focused offering of Antique and Vintage European lighting. Many antique stores have a few old light fixtures, and there are others that specialize in mass produced new lighting products. We are different. To achieve the very best result and mesmerizing view even from the outside, most clients would love to install a bi folding doors from at their home to emphasized the beautiful lightings.

Our customers come to us because they want one-of-a-kind light fixtures¬†that they won’t see in all of their neighbor’s houses.¬†How we make that happen is the magic of The Big Chandelier and what makes our customers return to us throughout their renovation or construction projects.

Over the years, we have developed many sources in Europe for light fixtures of all styles and sizes. While our travels take us to France, Belgium, Italy and Spain, we also have people that bring us light fixtures from England, Holland, Germany and beyond. We have a deep specialization in rustic light fixtures for country houses, but we also have a wide offering of more formal light fixtures that suit a more elegant design esthetic. Additionally, when on the road we can’t resist bringing home a few fixtures from The Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods, and more edgy Mid-Century fixtures.

If it’s unique and it’s lighting, we are after it.

Multiple times per year we load up all of the treasures we’ve found in Europe and ship them back to the States in sea containers. Once the fixtures arrive back at our store they are offered for sale. When we have time in our work schedule, we begin the restoration process on selected fixtures, others are hung in the store as-is waiting for their new owners to tell us how they would like them finished. Our customers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and locales and include private home owners, designers, builders, architects, and business owners. While our fixtures end up mostly in private homes, we have provided unique lighting to many private clubs, restaurants, and commercial spaces.